Q: What experience can students expect on this team?
A: Our students gain hands-on experience building competitive robots.  Team members design, CAD, cut and machine parts, build, program, wire, and drive robots.  We also have opportunities for students who want experience with social media marketing, presentations, and fundraising.  Every student in this sport can go pro!

Q: What ages are The Mechanisms team members?
A: The Mechanisms Team is comprised of students in 8th through 12th grade.

Q: Which school district do team members attend?
A: The Mechanisms is a community team providing STEM experience to students in Cobb County, Georgia and the surrounding area.  Our team members represent public, private, and home schools.

Q: What are the annual dues for team members?
A: The annual dues for student members vary each year depending on the results of fundraising efforts. Parents have helped us lower membership dues by partnering with generous sponsors.  Monthly payment options are available.  Please contact us for more information.

Q: Are there additional costs?
A: Yes, travel expenses such as transportation, lodging, and food are dependent on the locations and number of the competitions.  

Q: What is the time commitment for team members?
A: During the competition season, which runs from January through April, the team meets 4 - 5 days per week.   In the off-season, the team typically meets twice a week and as needed for training, fundraising, and off-season competitions.  Attendance is not required but student engagement correlates to their experience and leadership opportunities.  Students are encouraged not to neglect their homework and study needs. 

Q: What is the time commitment for parents?
A: Parent participation is the magic that makes our team work.  We need technical mentors, adult supervision, social media and website support, fundraising, carpooling, and everyone loves the parent who brings food.  No experience is necessary!  There is a place for everyone and we have a great time!

Q: What does the competition season look like?
A: We participate in FIRST FRC competitions and consider ourselves an elite travel team.  The FIRST FRC competition challenge is announced in the first week of January.  In approximately 9 weeks we strategize, build our robot, and prepare for competition.  We participate in 2 district competitions during March to qualify for the Peachtree District Championship (State) at the beginning of April.  If all goes well, we get a shot at Worlds two weeks later in Houston, TX.

Q: Where do you meet?
A: We are fortunate to be sponsored by The Maker Station located at Pickens Industrial Drive and Allgood Road in Marietta, Georgia.  This community maker space provides access to all the tools, equipment, and machinery needed to construct competitive robots and many other maker projects.  Contact us to learn more and tour the workshop.  You can also visit The Maker Station website to find the open house schedule and become a member yourself. 

Q: When do you take new student members?
A: Interested students are encouraged to submit an application at any time of the year.  Apply today!  New member engagement ramps up in the summer and early fall to provide the time needed for training and mentoring before the rush of the competition season begins.

Interested in joining our team?  Email info@themechanisms.org to request an application.