Q: What age group are The Mechanisms team members?
A: The Mechanisms team members are typically of high school age, however, 8th grade school students may also apply.

Q: Which school district do The Mechanisms team members attend?
A: The Mechanisms team members do not attend any particular school district. Most students attend in Cobb County and others are home-schooled.

Q: What are the annual dues for team members?
A: The annual dues for team members are $2400 for 12 month membership. Monthly
subscription payment option is available for members wanting to pay $200/month.

Q: Are there additional costs?
A: Travel costs are additional, when the team travels for competition.

Q: What is the time commitment for team members ?

Off (training) Season (May - Jan)
A: The team typically meets two days per week (eg WED & SAT) during off-season (May thru Jan). For off-season competitions (~SEPT), additional meetings are added.

On (competition) Season
A:During competition season (February - April), the team schedules 3-4 days per week. Minimum attendance of 2 days per week is recommended.

Q: What is the time commitment for parents?
A: Parent participation is strongly encouraged at any level but not required.

Q: What activities can team members contribute on team?
A: Students have an opportunity to contribute in Build, Design, Programming, Presentation & Marketing, among other skills.