Student Profiles

Jonathan - Class of 2023 -
Co-Captain Technical

Build, CAD, Design, Driver, Programming

Micah - Class of 2023
Co-Captain Business

Business, Marketing, Media, Fundraising, Build, Programming, Scouting, CAD, Design

Andrew - Class of 2023
Electrical Lead

Electrical, Scouting, Build

Brennan - Class of 2023
Technician Lead

Build, Drive Team, Technician,  CAD

Michah - Class of 2026 

Programming, Electrical, Scouting

Nicholas - Class of 2023
Programming Lead

Programming, Scouting, Media, CAD

Taizo - Class of 2023
Strategy Lead 

CAD, Build, Media, Programming, Scouting, Strategy 

Winn H. Class of 2024
Build Lead 

Builder, Inventor, CAD, Scouting, Pit Crew,
Field Player 

Rishab - Class of 2024

Build, Design, Programming 

Leif- Class of 2027

Secondary Driver, Build, Design

James - Class of 2027

Build, Design, Scouting